What's an experience?

There’s a saying “Live for today, because you’re not promised tomorrow”. These are the words I thought about right before I partook in the greatest 2 months of my early life. So many unexpected things happen in our lives, and it gives us an opportunity to reflect on how short life is, and how precious our time is on this wonderful planet. I was always afraid to go for things, but thankfully I had two of my closest friends with me to help me say 'screw it' and buy a one way ticket, with no idea of when a return flight would take place.

A summer long trip started out as just a conversation, and us three looking at pictures saying 'man how cool would this be to see?', until we built up the courage and actually bought a one ticket to explore Eastern Canada. That ticket opened the flood gates to an adventure I’ll never forget. From New Brunswick, where the beautiful McMackin family treated us like one of their own, to Nova Scotia and P.E.I, where the fish was mouth watering, all the way to Europe where we got to see some incredible things we have only seen in books or through a screen. The three of us had no idea what to expect when we got off of that plane in Amsterdam. Wandering the tram station, we found ourselves lost, and a little nervous trying to find out how to reach our hostel, and suddenly we just took a moment to relax and laugh and say 'this is what it's all about'. The adventure of being somewhere unknown, not having any plans, and just going with the flow, that was the beauty of this experience. It brought us not only closer together, but taught us to open our eyes more, and taught us how amazing life could truly be. Amsterdam set us up for some incredible moments in Europe, even when I didn't get food when I was hungry, I become an angry mute, but I'll experience that feeling a millions times over again for just one gelato in Italy, while baking in the sun next to the ocean.

None of us truly appreciate what this world holds, until we get out of our comfort zones and explore. We live in a world that’s so unique and beautiful, it’s a shame that people refuse to take time out of their life to go and see it. We all have a life of our own, and a life we are striving for, but what’s a life, if we don’t see life itself.

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