This is the story of three 'Lost and Unemployed' friends set out to escape the social norms of everyday life.

After traveling together throughout Eastern Canada and Europe, we 

found ourselves reflecting on our journey. Were we truly happy? Was sitting at our 9-5 desk job what we wanted to spend our days doing? Travel left us with a small taste of the necessity of a balanced life, the urge to explore, and the desire to spend our days doing what we truly wanted to do. 


Since then we have gained a new perspective, one that seeks new places, new faces, and self discovery. Our goal is to promote a 'Lost and Unemployed' mindset, the kind that isn't frowned upon by society. We believe our version simplifies life's perspective, forces us to get out of our comfort zone and encourages us to adapt. It allows us to embrace the adventure and not allow social norms to dictate what is perceived as right or wrong. 


Sometimes we all need to reconfigure ourselves through travel and create a sense of balance in our lives.   

Being lost doesn't have to be a bad thing.

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